Celebrating The Impact Of Our Exceptional National Service Personnel And Interns

At ShaQ Express, we’re not just shaping the future of e-commerce and logistics services; we’re also forging the next generation of leaders. We believe that the future of business is closely tied to the value we place on people, on nurturing young talent, and on equipping them with the skills and capacities to thrive in the evolving digital world.

We are proud to spotlight our exceptional National Service Personnel and Interns. Each of them exemplifies our ethos: creativity, a can-do spirit, and a strong commitment to sustainable, forward-thinking solutions.

Our National Service Personnel and Interns, primarily university graduates, have risen to the unique challenges and opportunities that working with a startup brings. They’ve proven their mettle in a fast-paced, ever-evolving environment. Indeed, they’ve not just adapted to but thrived in it, spearheading projects and contributing valuable ideas that have shaped our offerings and operations.

Redeemer Ntumy: The Tech Maestro

Meet Redeemer Ntumy, our Product Specialist and resident tech wizard. With his fingers always on the pulse of the latest tech trends, Redeemer crafts digital magic at ShaQ Express. From brainstorming groundbreaking ideas to squashing pesky bugs, he’s our go-to guy for enhancing user experiences and bringing our digital products to life. Off the clock, he’s an anime enthusiast, drawing inspiration from vibrant storylines and fantastical worlds to think outside the box and fuel his innovative ideas. His leadership helps the tech team turn complex ideas into reality, creating a better experience for our users. His acumen in product management and collaborative innovation are the cornerstones of our digital offerings, enhancing the user experience to new heights.

Seraphina Akpene Zowonu: Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery

With fresh ideas and innovative thinking, the opportunity to transform an aspect of ShaQ Express’s services fell into the hands of Seraphina Akpene Zowonu. She was appointed the lead for the online pharmacy, a novel feature added to the app aimed at making medication more accessible to customers without them needing to visit a pharmacy physically.

Seraphina worked tirelessly to marry technology and healthcare, ensuring the platform was user-friendly and efficient. Her commitment and vision led to the successful integration of the online pharmacy into ShaQ Express’s services, thus revolutionizing healthcare access and delivery.

Under her leadership, the online pharmacy has shown consistent growth and customer satisfaction. Her strength in the face of adversity, coupled with her relentless drive for innovation, has made Seraphina an indispensable asset to ShaQ Express and an inspiration to all.

Gary McBilly: The Vanguard of Home Services

No challenge is too big for Gary McBilly, our Acquisition Associate. Gary is the engine driving the growth of our home services division

His first victory? Launching the garbage collection feature on our app, a leap forward in home convenience. Now, Gary is readying the rest of our home services, from carpentry and plumbing to electrical work and AC installation. His research and dedication were instrumental in launching the garbage collection feature on our app.

Sylvia Annangfio: The Pulse of Operations

Sylvia Annangfio, an intern with an unwavering commitment to excellence, is the lifeblood of our operations department. Her contributions to customer assistance and logistics management have been vital in ensuring our services run smoothly and efficiently, making each customer’s experience with us a pleasure.

She keeps the gears of our operations turning, ensuring every customer is satisfied and every parcel is delivered promptly. With her focused approach and passion for customer service, she’s helping us deliver excellence every day.

Enock Kwabena Yawson: The Code Whisperer or Osofo

Meet Enock Kwabena Yawson, our talented front-end web developer. With a passion for coding and a keen eye for detail, Enock is always exploring ways to make our website more efficient and user-friendly. His knack for solving complex problems with creative code makes him a vital part of our tech team.

Enock relishes new challenges, always looking for opportunities to expand his skills and make a lasting impact. Check our website out and you’ll understand his contribution to ShaQ Express is more than just lines of code. His input has been crucial in making our platform more user-friendly and efficient.

Wilson Oware Addo: The Design Dynamo

Wilson Oware Addo, our UI/UX designer, is the artist behind the smooth and engaging interface of our platform. His designs, not only make our platform a visual treat but also ensure it’s easy to navigate. Wilson’s expertise in design and user experience is helping us create a platform that users love to use.

Wilson’s expertise extends beyond visual appeal. He understands the importance of user experience, ensuring that every interaction with our platform is intuitive and enjoyable. By carefully considering user feedback and conducting thorough research, he continually refines and optimises our interface to meet the evolving needs and expectations of our users.

Wilson’s designs go beyond aesthetics; they serve as a bridge between users and our platform.

These recent graduates embraced the unique challenges and opportunities of startup culture. With dedication, grit, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, they’ve swiftly ascended from fresh recruits to crucial project leaders. Their journey serves as a testament to their relentless perseverance.

Today, we recognize their unyielding efforts and the exceptional value they bring to our daily operations. They are our hidden gems, shining brightly, guiding our way forward.

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  1. Thank you so much, ShaQ Express, for featuring me as your Product Specialist and highlighting my role within your innovative team. It’s truly an honor to be recognized for the work I do in enhancing user experiences and bringing your digital products to life.

  2. For me, it is how much I have been pushed to do much more than I ever thought my abilities could reach. ShaQ Express has been the pivoting point of my life and I must say that I look forward to a future where home services is the new ideal. Thank you ShaQ Express

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