The GCIC Impact: A Game-Changer

Today, we, ShaQ Express, are incredibly proud to announce that we have successfully graduated from the incubator program at the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC)!

Let’s start with who we are and what we do. ShaQ Express is all about making your life easier. We provide a platform where you can order food, buy goods, book home services, and even order medicines from an online pharmacy. The best part? Everything is delivered right to your doorstep. Convenience at its best!

But there’s a twist in our tale. We’re not just about delivering your orders. We’re also committed to protecting our planet. That’s why over a quarter of our delivery motorbikes are electric. Out of our 60 motorbikes, 17 are electric. This is a huge step towards reducing pollution. Using electric bikes, we’re avoiding nearly 2,040 kg of harmful CO2 emissions daily. That’s the same as planting around 31,000 trees a year!

Our journey towards sustainable e-commerce received a considerable impetus when we became a part of the GCIC incubator program. This program was not just an incubator, but a catalyst, fueling our aspiration to grow as a green business. They equipped us with a multitude of resources, expert mentors, and provided us with valuable partnerships.

Not to mention, we had unprecedented access to a world of knowledge with Coursera courses and masterclasses. This was our doorway to state-of-the-art practices, industry insights, and networking opportunities, which helped us advance and thrive in our space.

Being a part of the GCIC program has indeed been a transformative experience. The benefits we’ve gleaned are manifold. We were able to:

  • Learn and adopt sustainable business practices
  • Tap into invaluable resources and mentorships
  • Forge meaningful partnerships with like-minded green businesses
  • Dramatically slash our CO2 emissions by bolstering our fleet with electric bikes

As we graduate from the GCIC incubator, we are not just excited – we are ready to power ahead, taking strides toward a future that aligns economic progress with environmental preservation.

Remember, every time you choose ShaQ Express, you’re choosing more than just a service – you’re choosing a greener future for our planet. That, dear reader, is a choice worth celebrating!

Stay connected with our blog for more updates on our journey toward building a greener, healthier world. With your support, we’re confident that we can make a significant difference. Thank you for being a part of our incredible journey towards sustainability. The future is exciting, and we can’t wait to explore it with you!

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