Our Experience at the Atlantic Council’s Climate Leadership Program

Yesterday marked a significant milestone for us at ShaQ Express. Our Founder and CEO had the privilege of representing our company at the Atlantic Council’s Climate Leadership Program. This unique community accelerator, held in partnership with the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC), brings together climate finance leaders from across the globe. It was an inspiring opportunity to share our journey and engage with global finance leaders, fellow entrepreneurs, and venture capital firms.

At ShaQ Express, we’re more than just a tech startup. We’re a beacon of change in Ghana’s e-commerce and logistics sector. Our commitment to reducing carbon footprints by using electric motorcycles for package delivery sets us apart in the industry. But this commitment to sustainability is not without its challenges.

During the TED-style talk at the event, our CEO highlighted the key financing challenges we face in our green transition. The high upfront costs of electric motorcycles, the need for investment in charging infrastructure, and the complexities of accessing green financing are significant hurdles on our journey. But they are hurdles we are determined to overcome.

One of the key themes of the talk was the role of partnerships in overcoming these challenges. In this regard, we want to acknowledge the instrumental role GCIC has played in our journey. Beyond the generous grant, GCIC has provided us with invaluable support and guidance. Their commitment to fostering green businesses has been a guiding light for us, illuminating our path and helping us navigate the challenges of our green transition.

The journey continues, and we’re excited about the road ahead. We believe that with the right partnerships and support, we can overcome these challenges and continue to make a significant impact. We’re not just delivering packages; we’re delivering change. We’re shaping the future of e-commerce and logistics, one package at a time.

As we move forward, we remain committed to our mission of driving sustainable innovation and contributing to a greener planet. We’re excited to bring you along on this journey. Together, we can redefine e-commerce, transform logistics, and make a significant impact on our planet.

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